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    Repeated disarm (strange round)

    Every hit in this round is disarm.

    R O U N D 2

    *** is becoming noticeably weaker from blood loss!!!
    THE PEACH quickly brings herself to an upright position!

    THE PEACH hustles like wild fire around ***.
    THE PEACH attempts to strike *** with her SOULWOOD TRIDENT.
    THE PEACH connects with her SOULWOOD TRIDENT causing titanic damage! (+208 Damage)

    *** drops his weapon as the pain from the hit streaks through his body!
    A loyal fan wastes no time in tossing a FRANCISCA into the arena for *** to use!

    THE PEACH charges around as if on fire.
    THE PEACH's SOULWOOD TRIDENT thrusts at *** with devastating speed.
    Shot to the head removes an eye along with part of the brain! (+308 Damage)

    *** curses as the attack knocks his weapon to the ground!
    *** takes a step back to catch a quick breather.
    *** has taken some slight damage from this fight!
    The Enforcer quickly throws *** a MAUL from off the arena wall!

    THE PEACH moves with unbridled energy.
    THE PEACH's SOULWOOD TRIDENT moves toward *** with lightning fast brutality.
    THE PEACH's attack lands on ***'s collarbone creating towering injuries! (+212 Damage)

    *** drops his weapon as the pain from the hit streaks through his body!
    *** has multiple flesh wounds!!

    R O U N D 3

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    Guess he needs to spend less time in the tavern drinking ale and more time in the stable to practice holding a weapon

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