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Thread: Bad strategy

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    Bad strategy

    Well, I was thinking, I try new stuff out with the Flesh eaters in the sewers on easy (so I can fight them alone with my Level 15 dude). They are rather uniformly dresses and since there are so many, you can more easily make out trents.

    Anyway, this tactic was judged inadequate:

    (can't post as a link or image yet, gotta post a few more times first, the forum says

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    Hi Maraxus,

    I think you posted this in the wrong forum - this might fit better in general or the newbie forum.
    A few things...
    - The black market gauntlet is a great place to test things out (on easy mode) to pick up general trends and how your strategies end up working
    - The pic you posted doesn't really tell us much. If you're looking for help on strategies, you would be better off posting what your strategies are
    - Many managers will just discuss strategies in general terms and let you figure it out (it's considered to be the competitive edge or intellectual property almost)
    - In the newbie forum, check out Adoede's strategy guide for help on strategies (

    Hope this helps!
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    Hehe, no, I didn't want to discuss the strategy in specific, I only wanted to share the image of two guys standing in front of each other for a minute and switching stances but not attaking at all and then one guy says: "That's it, I have enough of this bullshit!" and simply goes away.

    It's a rare break from the usual image of guys trying to kill each other.

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    Are you viewing the fight with blow-by-blow details selected? If you are on the default of bone crushing highlights the game hides a lot things like missed hits. It does happen sometimes though where two defensive glads face off and stand around.
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