Greetings Pit Masters!

A new update will go live in the next 24 hours! Once live, I will post a message as usual in the announcements forum. Please see below for more details on the forthcoming update:

* Jimmy the Squid is starting construction on his Black Market Bazaar! Currently he only has XP potions for Blood God gladiators for sale, however, soon word will get out attracting vendors from across the Great Realm and beyond who will be offering a great many types of things for all gladiators!

* There was a bug in how bonus XP was being awarded to Blood Gods in Season fights (too much being awarded). With multiple bonuses offering bonus XP, the bonuses were multiplying already multiplied values. I've corrected this bug so each bonus is awarded off of the base XP and then applied to the gladiator separately. To compensate for this I've increased the base XP reward.

* Gladiators level 51 and above NOT in the Blood Gods bracket can again issue additional fights on the Arena Gates screen.

Good luck in the Pit!