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    Stats and equipment encumberance.

    So ive been playing the game...for about a half year so far just made this account ive never fully understood what the stats such as stamina strength size did...and how do i make my gladiator able to carry more weight any help? I am probably an idiot for asking this question but ive never full understood their effects.

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    Hello. It's never a shame to ask.
    First of all, since you are here you might want to look up some guides. They can help a lot.

    So for strenght, stamina and size: All stats help train and improve the skills they are related to.

    Strenght and size improves carry weight. (Strenght also increases damage with apropriate weapons)

    Size and stamina improves health. (Stamina improves endurance)

    In both cases size is factored in more heavily, but unlike the other two you can't train it and only rarely do equipments give bonus to size.

    To increase weight capacity, increase strenght, but you will need a lot of it to matter. Don't expect a gladiator to be able to wear heavy armor and stay under 25% encumbrance (my can barely stay below 50%).

    Also Armour Movement helps you carry more on any profession and Wars have Light as a Feather to decrease armour penalty even further.

    Maybe if your gladiator has realy low size, carry weight and health is a problem. It is advised that you don't buy a gladiator under 65 size (and Wars should not go under 75).
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    Each or at least most attributes have hidden properties which nobody has really figured out completely to date so don't worry, even veterans are in the dark about some things.

    Strength increases damage (more with certain weapons, less with others), slightly increases health, slightly reduces encumbrance, helps to get off the ground faster (given that you are not fighting defensively) and is suspected to increase Attack Power and help you punch through armour more easily.

    Intellect allegedly helps your gladiator fight better but nobody knows how exactly. Gladiators with higher Intellect should use their activated abilities more "appropriately" and somewhat more often than their dumber colleagues, getting off the ground should also be easier if this stat is higher, as should be picking the original weapon or at least something your guy is familiar with when disarmed. It also helps you to train the fighter faster... somewhat.

    Agility improves the damage of Blades, Exotics and Pole Arms (you still need some Strength though), improves the fighter's initiative, allows more attacks per turn (probably up to some cap) and boosts Defense. It also seems to help the gladiator get off the ground faster when knocked down.

    Stamina improves Health (more than Strength but less than Size), each point gives 1 point of Endurance, reduces encumbrance (more than Strength but less than Size) and probably does something else.

    Size can be increased only by achievements and gear but it's (overly-) expensive. Gives the biggest boost in Health of all stats and reduces encumbrance the most. Also helps to get off the ground faster. Gladiators with low Size have higher Defense though - or at least that's how it was in the past.

    Presence keeps you alive when defeated and reduces the opponent's initiative. High Presence helps you kill more often.

    Chi increases the power of critical hits and seems to help to penetrate the opponent's defenses. It also improves the damage of various abilities like Death from Above, Rampage and such. If you have a skill that has Chi listed as a related stat, you probably want to boost it - it helps.

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    Glacias amigo if you would be so kind as to judge my level 30 gladiators stats please that would be quite helpful.
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    I also think Strength helps with parry and Int helps with defense in general...and size on Wars using Death from Above helps with damage and breaking through armor.

    I've added some links to some guides on my signature to help you find them. Apoc's directory lists most of the relevant ones.
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