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    Best way to parry and use riposte skill

    I have been working on a more defensive shadow..using whip and net...he has the riposte skill but never parries anything and thus never ripostes. We dont have a parry-xyz option so the most defensive thing we have is shadow dance i assume. Thinking about it i suppose maybe a whip and net are not gonna be great for parrying?? We dont have a shield best weapons/strat for parrying?

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    Shadow dance is the defensive fighting style for shadow glads. You'll notice that when using that style your glad will dodge and jump over incoming attacks instead of parrying. Parrying is for war and theatrics glads, shadow glads don't do it. Riposte is an activated skill and I don't believe the glad needs to parry for it to go off, the skill itself is a parry and riposte combined. Like other defensive skills, use a defensive fighting style to increase the chance it triggers. In the shadow glad's case that's shadow dance. Have you maxed riposte to 10 yet? You'll see it used a lot less if you haven't.
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