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    Pole Arms Hybrid War

    I have an Elaar pole Arms War, hybrid into theatrics.
    I have 9 skills at 10.
    Master of Arms is at 5 but I'm considering coming off that and going elsewhere.
    Available skills are Grim Determination, Iron Jaw, Never Say Die, Crowd Pleaser, & Strength of the Crowd.
    Suggestions please.

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    Never say die is probably the best choice. It's useful for avoiding the low endurance penalty when the match wears on. The health boost is nice too but you can't bank on it. Grim determination is another strong choice for letting you fight on to the end, especially in close matches. Crowdpleaser works okay, but seems to be better when you're running defensive strategies - it will depend on how you run your glad. Iron jaw is too situational for my tastes and wars don't have access to strength of the crowd.
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