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    I have room in my barracks for one more slave but i have no idea what to make him and what skills to be looking for even. open to any suggestions thanks for the help.


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    I have two slaves in the market with stats of

    65-70-63-77-75-58-75 946gold

    84-77-64-54-57-63-64 911gold

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    Neither one is great.
    The first isn't great in either strength or agility - you need one of those to be decent for your offense.
    The other is small and lacks stamina - he'll go down in just a couple hits or last just a couple round before tiring out.
    You could consider taking the first to have a glad to experiment with and sell him when something better comes along.
    There are "how to" guides for building rage/war/theatrics if you check out the forum. They give a good idea of what to look for and what to consider with your build.
    There's also a "Should I get this slave" thread stickied at the top of the newbie forum where you can ask questions like this instead of starting a separate thread.
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