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    You have all the info you need to match skill names to the two skill icons shown right now! What do you think the first two skills in the tree are?
    mm... The first skill shows blood but it's not a bath as such. I'd rather go for "weak spot" - something related to increasing the chance of serious injuries and maybe magnifying them?

    The second skill most probably is "sweep" - the opponent eats dust - but without getting any damage I think.

    How correct is that?

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    The Overlord Nate's Avatar
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    Weak Spot and Sweep are correct!

    Here's your next challenge!


    Good luck!


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    Score one for the old manager!!
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    Well done Crow! The crowd eagerly awaits to see more of your gladiators on the arena sands!

    Stay tuned for the next sneak peek!

    Good luck in the Pit!


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