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    Hello fellow gladiators

    I would just like to give a hearty hello to everyone in this community. I am somewhat new here and am just wanting to throw my name out there. I am the stable master of the up and coming guild Darkgold with a record of 95-49-6

    I currently have 4 gladiators

    Slathbog who is my lvl 15 Theatrics Human with a 38-13-1 with skills atm with bonuses 74 72 81 77 71 81 65

    Theracles who is my lvl 13 War Urk with a 33-19-3 with skills atm with bonuses 78 73 72 74 66 84 80

    Jorgumund who is my lvl 9 Rage Elaar with a 15-5-2 with skills atm with bonuses 75 76 72 66 79 74 74

    Tsar Shadeglide who is my lvl 7 Shadow Elaar with a 9-3-0 with skills atm with bonuses 76 64 82 77 66 98 66

    All of which are non HoL slaves

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    Welcome, I have an inactive stable that is Seventhunderz, ( I was using it when I joined the Forum), my active stable is Gray Grey.
    Hope you enjoy the game.

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    Welcome to the Great Realm Darkgold!

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    Welcome to the pits

    There's plenty of guides and helpful people on the forums, so if you ever have questions, ask away
    Do you want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women? Then follow the link below!

    >>Player Guide Compendium<<

    Stable: Team Win
    Official Team Song: Dethklok - Face Fisted
    Gladiators on Note: Ahhnold, Bruce Iee, Duke Nukem, Bruce Willis, Wargh, Kharn

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    P.S. Apoc is still a ninja!

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