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    Well, after a lot of experimenting in pit fights, I think I found something that works. Here is my new strategy:

    Standby: 8 Parry-Lunge 6
    Opponent is Very Injured: 6 Lunge 6
    I am Very Tired: 5 Tank 1
    I Have More Health: 8 Parry-Slash 7
    I Have Less Health: 7 Slash 5

    As you can see, it is a lot more offensive. Most of my skills are offensive, and so I just decided to change my glad's focus. Thoughts? This seems to be doing a lot better than my last build. I still can't beat The Butcher, the last tier 1 arena challenge. At what level do people normally beat him?

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    That's a fairly decent strategy - I like it much more than the previous one. I would consider putting your standby as Tank 8/1 if you find you're taking big hits with your opponent's first shot against you.
    For your skills, you really should consider streamlining them as mentioned in my previous post. That would mean unlearning some of them which will slow you down for a while, but put you further ahead once you get to the higher tiers.
    I would look at taking:
    GrimDetermination (or Master of Arms if you want to use a shield)
    Death From Above
    Armour Movement
    Never Say Die
    And then you have 4 skills left to round yourself out with your vision (where you can go full war with the higher level skills, or dip into theatrics or rage a bit)

    With the Butcher, you might want to check out this thread:
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    Thanks, my glad is doing much better now!

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