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    Star Citizen

    Just curious are there any other people looking forward to this finally coming out? Wing Commander i think was the first game that really blew me away (and caused me to skip several days of school to play it) and this looks like its going to be a hell of a game (if they ever finish it).

    I have pledged and bought the Cutless Blue as my first ship, i plan to rip out most of the holding cells (its a police model so has prisoner holding cells in the cargo bay) to get the storage back for cargo carrying missions.

    (here is a video tour someone else made of it)

    Although i am seriously considering upgrading to a Constellation Andromeda before the persistent universe comes on line: and maybe even up to a Constellation Phoenix i mean it has a damn hot tub in it, a hot tub ! (really it would be for the class 9 hard point on it that the other constellation variants don't have)

    Have to say the current arena commander module (small scale pvp fights) is fun as is but am looking forward to more of the features like the squadron 42 missions (really looking forward to that), and the multi crew ships being put into arena commander, the first person shooter part looks amazing (cant wait to board ships and taking them over) and with the persistent universe coming on line hopefully this year (I believe they have said they want to have 4 systems up and persistent by the end of the year) it looks like this is the year to get excited about this game.
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    My friends and I are so keen for this to come out. We used to spend days playing Freelancer at LAN parties back in our school days.

    I havent looked into it in too much detail though because I dont want to get all worked up only to have to wait, and wait
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    Wing Commander...Paladin, Maniac, Deveroux...that was a great game and brings back memories. I remember how fun it was trying to climb the ranks of "Aces" and obsessively replaying missions to make sure I got every single kill to be had - not even leaving one for my wingmen. Having this gameplay in MMO format promises to be epic.

    This Chris Roberts fellow seems to have raised $71 million for Star Citizen already. Something to keep an eye on, for sure.
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    I still have Freelancer installed on my PC and play it from time to time.

    I heard about Star Citizen before they even raised first mil actually, but I never thought he would accomplish so much. In any case, I never pre-order. I like to wait for games to come out and then hear all possible reviews to decide if I actually wanna give money for it.
    Don't like this playing while still in production.

    Same story goes for Survarium. Can't wait!
    Lot of games to be excited for!
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    I can still remember seeing Wing Commander for the first time at a friend's house - it blew me away with the graphics and gameplay! It's one of the only games where you would actually try to lose missions so you could play all the branching plot paths. I also loved how the different wingmen played differently - I definitely got along better with St. John than that cat lover Knight, lol! I had most of the series and loved everything about it (except for the movie, which doesn't exist in my world, lol).

    I'm looking forward to Roberts's new game. Thumbs up for trying to bring back an excellent genre which has fallen to the wayside the past few years to the game production machine.
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