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    Something's not right. The last fight started later than usual but it seems... misplaced. This is what the Arena Results show for today:

    This the fight displayed when I click on Ahhnold vs. Onefourtyone:

    This fight is listed correctly under Thornwall's "My fights" for today. However, it's counted as a loss even though Thornwall won vs. Onefourtyone (probably because he lost vs. Duke Nukem earlier, the record seems to be taken from elsewhere, some cache maybe?).

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    There were a couple of issues and false starts for the 2am PST turn last night which is why they ran late. The 2:32am fights are the correct fights, however, it looks like some previous fights from failed turns were still hanging around and got copied over to player's "my fights" folders and linked in the results page incorrectly. What the results page says happened (i.e. John defeated Mary) is what happened and are the official fights we're using. Sorry for the trouble.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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