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    Fight Strategy

    I have a dual A&M rage at level 44 in the Legends bracket but I can't seem to advance any higher. My main theory is that I can't figure a good fight strategy. My start off is 9/9 Bash, Opponent Stunned 7/8 Kill Shot, Opp very injured 8/8 Bash, Opp attacks more 8/9, and I have more endurance 8/8 Berserk... Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try using berserk as your normal stance. And perhaps some triger that lowers activity/bl when you're tired..
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    As with all discussions strategy, most managers don't discuss it much because it is the part of the game that is your signature as well as your subjective preference. That said, if you'd like to see how your glad performs with a bunch of different strategy permutations, fight in the pit fights and tweak your strategy to find what is most effective.
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    It's hard to analyse without the other details of your build, but your strategy does sound a bit... disjointed.
    With trigger selection you want to use conditions that come up commonly in your battles that you want to take advantage of or find a workaround for a particular weakness.
    I suggest you start simple and get your first line or two working well as your "bread and butter" attacks and then start adding in other lines one at a time and see how they work.
    With rage, keep in mind they are strong out of the gate, but are open to a beating when they get tired.
    I suggest you try something like:
    1) Start of battle/standby: Berserk 8/6 and play with your activity/bloodlust to get something that works.

    With the other lines, think of what conditions you want to change things at - sometimes thinking of it in terms of the battle progression helps (instead of just as single elements). Keep in mind that the higher the strategy is in the line order, it will take priority over the lower line strategies if the condition is true. Try picking one particular group, like health, or endurance, or activity levels and taking a couple elements out of there to work with (for example, increasing your activity and/or bloodlust as you go down in health). If that works out well, then add in another from that or another group and see how that works for you.
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    Thanks guys for the advice, I'll definitely implement that stuff =)

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