So I went a brought the Shadow, I wanted something different. Same goes to all I think! Lol.

Loving the sound of the skills and hope to use them shortly to see what they can deliver!
Also loving Pit of War! Can't get enough of it!

On Topic:
So when I brought Shadow and looked into skill trees, I notice 1 skill tree available. I haven't read any news about what happening to Shadow at the moment. (Will read tomorrow!)
But since we only got 1 skill tree to pick from, will the players who brought the "Early Access" shadow, get a reset on the skill trees so we can try out others or to pick one of the 2 new ones? (To hopefully arrive soon! ) IF it's even possible to have a reset on skill trees?

That's what I'm thinking at the moment.. Seems more of a question to Nate to answer, but what do you guys think as well?

I have only read 1/2 posts about Shadow progress at the moment, but will read more news about it tomorrow. So if I am judging too quickly, please say. If not, answer with your own opinion.

Kind Regards