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    Log in Rewards, Injuries

    As of the last three days I have come into contact with so strange bug issues and I am wondering if there is a way to at least bring this to someones attention.

    Firstly, I have not been able to claim my log in rewards, this took me some time to realize seeing as gold is usually adjusted rather frequently throughout the day. When it came to other items however, squibs, token and trophies. I did not see a changed in the amount I already possessed. The squibs was the first time I caught onto this, seeing as I only had 43 at the time I received the reward and nothing changed.

    I believe the only one I have received so far after all this time is my daily arena tokens. Though I am running a "Blood" membership right now so that could be the cause of my token count that day. I usually play and then come back in around 24 hours, if I don't spend about an hour on conquest.

    Secondly, I have noticed a strange reaction that happens during fights. It will give me one post on the combat log that a serious injury was hit. However when I go to the temple to get the injury healed, it appears that my gladiator has spontaneously generated multiple injuries from nowhere. This has been totally random for the last 4 days or so. I go to fight in the arena and will not receive an injury text, but when I check again. My gladiator will have have more injuries, sometimes every part of him will be injured.

    I have been in the Pits and multiple injuries will just appear again, then they are not even treated by the doctor there. This bug has cost me more then a dozen fights and when my fighter reaches the level of no longer getting free temple curing. I foresee it costing me dearly every single day I play.

    Can someone please get on this as soon as possible.

    I have made sure its not from being challenged while away from my comp. Looked over my combat logs with a fine toothed comb and there is no real indication of why this is happening.

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    Hi Oborosen,

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for the post. When you say you are unable to claim your login rewards what exactly do you mean? What do you think *should* be happening and what do you see or not see happening? The more details you can give me the better I'll be able to understand the issue and look into it. It may be the case that you simply need to refresh the page to see the update take place as the login bonus is an overlay and I can't recall if it reloads the page in the background or not. Give that a try next time and let me know if that does the trick. If that doesn't sound like it would be the issue, then please go ahead and reply with more details.

    Regarding the serious injuries, perhaps there is a misunderstanding in how they work? That area of code hasn't been touched in years and I would be very surprised if random injuries were suddenly appearing on gladiators. Having said that it is possible you have discovered a bug. Has anyone else had random injuries pop up?

    Let's first make sure we're on the same page on how injuries work and I apologize if this seems rather elementary, I find it best to be thorough in cases like this. Multiple injuries can occur in the same fight, and the same injury can be hit multiple times in a fight (that is still just one injury). The only time a new injury occurs is when you see something like this "BRUNO's arm might never fully heal!!! *** Serious Injury ***" in red text. When you see this text "A serious injury is hit and magnifies the damage!" it means a serious injury that your gladiator has was hit. This does not create an injury. If you already know all this, great.

    The most common reasons for gladiators having mysterious injuries is often an oversight when reading a combat report, not reading a combat report, or in the case where a lot of fights are happening in a short period of time no longer having access to a combat report. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to go off of right now. The more details and evidence of strange things happening you can provide the easier it will be to discover what is or isn't going on. Try starting with a clean uninjured gladiator and then immediately check him after each fight. If you can't find a injury sentence and his overview screen shows an injury and he did not engage in any other fights, send me a message. When you log off for the day make sure to heal all his injuries and when you log in the next day check his record to see how many fights he fought, look at your log and see if you have access to all the fights that took place while you were away and then see if you can match the injuries up. Send me the name of the gladiator in question and I'll keep an eye on him as well.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    So far all the injuries my glads have suffered are explainable, nothing popping up unaccounted for and my login rewards have been attributed to me as well, haven't encountered any of these possible bugs.

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    The login rewards was doing that for a while, I would accept the daily log in reward and there would be no change to the current total of what was to be added. However I was forced to refresh my whole browser, cache and all. Since then I have hardly noticed anything wrong with my daily rewards, however sometimes it will take a few screens for the correction to show.

    On the injuries, I would start the day and log on. Check my Glads overview and correct anything that I thought was necessary. Strats, Equipment etc. Go through maybe three fights and then realize that my Glad was losing nearly out the gate due to strikes on injuries. Though the results for the three fights only show one injury being caused. When I go to the temple to get the injury healed, it showed that my glad was affected by every injury possible besides his head.

    It happened for nearly four days in a row, though the frequency was very far between. I would usually be on my last two to three tokens. I've only had it happen maybe twice since I've reported and it was nowhere as hard hitting as the first time, with only a few injuries instead of almost the whole roster.

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    Hi Oborosen, thanks for the additional details. I've been over that section of code many times and I can't see how an injury can happen without a notice being shown. I'll keep an eye out though to see if it occurs elsewhere or if other players report a similar issue.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    Thanks for replying, I do notice some strange things from time to time. Though I am starting to feel its just the luck of the draw on some cases. Aside from seeing the injuries, it could be that while I'm fighting with my Glad. He could have been challenged and lost badly during the other fight. Acquiring the injuries in that instance possibly.

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