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    I agree with what your saying Kaos, i think a balance is important. It seems like we have seem both ends of the spectrum with leveling speed in the pits. At one point you could make a max level glad in a couple of hours (back when extra fights where just 2 trophies each and did not increment up in price, I don't think you where active when that was going on) and there would be brand new max level glads each day it seemed for awhile, that was crazy looking back on it now, but now it takes over half a year to make a max level glad which seems equally crazy. Both to me are extremes and I would rather see something in the middle, around 2 months would be where i would like to see be the duration of the 1-55 leveling grind.
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    Shouldn't the leveling speed discussion have it's own thread?
    My toughts though: I quit this game two times because I felt it was too slow. Got frustrated leveling up skills to 10.
    I'm back again and now I got used to the pace of the game. I learned not to think too far ahead (like moths ahead).
    If you set samll goals like "I want to get this skill to 10", the speed of progressin is bearable. At least that is how I deal with it.

    Back on topic though.
    I started to make progress beating the shadows. Even the ones with Spectral Touch.
    I don't know what their exact skill are, but in attack power department they look more like theathrics rather then rages, makes the easiert to parry.
    Once my hybrids train Blood Drunk they are prety good at ignoring their defences (Faint also helps). And I was surprised to see armor actualy being able to deflect/absorb Spectral Touch. I tought it is spectral and thus goes through it.
    I yet to train Armoured Fortress on my defence glad. I don't kow how much stamina does it shave off, but usualy I can beat a shadow in stamina if he misses one Spectral Touch (the second one usualy comes when we both are very low and that is how my glad loses). Accelerating their stamina loss can help. They can't tank, so they have to attack now and then, right?

    But, there are two more specialisations to come out and so hybrids will be a thing. Looking forward to a new adaptation cycle.
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