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    Hey Nate,

    With the new blood gods economy, BGP prices for gear have gone up significantly. Helmets now cost 11,600 BGP while 1H Weapons cost 18,200 BGP.

    A typical blood gods glad receives around 6,500 BGP per season...

    If we still lose 50% of unused BGP at the end of every season, that means:
    Season 1: 6,500 BGP saved
    Season 2: 9,750 BGP saved
    Season 3: 11,375 BGP saved
    Season 4: 12,187.5 BGP saved
    Season 5: 12,593.75 BGP saved
    Season 6: 12,796.875 BGP saved
    Season 7: 12,898.4375 BGP saved

    In other words, we will never be able to accumulate enough BGP to buy more than a helmet using BGP's alone.

    Am I missing something here?
    Adoede | Tevrosin

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    Thanks for the message Adoede, try expanding the level range and look at both Legendary and Fabled Epic items when in the Chamber of Power and you'll have an easy time finding great gear to spend your BGP on.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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