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    I'm not experienced with D&D but I've read somewhere that prone glads don't activate any skill so imo a prone war won't activate DFA, CD and especially the invaluable NSD so D&D seems good to me; not sure for the last tier skill but anyways; given that there're skills like Barreling Attack, Sweep, Signature move etc bent on knocking someone down.

    But if D&D still sounds mediocre, what if its position were swapped with NSD?
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    D&D looks like a skill more suited for offensive wars, when your win condition is to beat down the opponent. Though I think AF is still better. It helps in preventing the whole situation to begin with and is good in all situations.
    Also, if you go for D&D you can get a middle of the road offensive war. Things you have to take are already defensive, so why not take more of that (AF)? It realy looks like something that hybrid offensive wars would need if they don't take Light as a Feather.
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    If we'll try to do some conceptual formula for any skill efficiency, we'll get something like SkillPower*SkillFrequency. Objections?
    So, for D&D SkillFrequency is about zero. How often you can see a War with "prone" effect?
    // Specially for Aphexii: How often You can see Your Dunder War with "prone" effect?
    Not even to say about "Light as a Feather".

    While "Armored Fortress" is permanent (SkillFrequency=1), and SkillFrequency for D&D ... 1/10? 1/20? Regardless of the SkillPower.
    Yeah, maybe SkillPower for D&D is really much more than for Fortress?
    Yes, it's complex to measure it, but true answer about: "Even if SkillPower for D&D higher, it's higher how many? 10 times? No."

    So, the choice is obvious. In this case. ;)
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