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Thread: 2H War Hybrid

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    2H War Hybrid

    I am using 2H war hybrid(will be), and want advices on what skills to improve.
    So far I am leveling weapon skill to lvl 10.
    But what then?

    I had in mind something like this(in order i will improve);
    Death From Above 10
    Battle Hardened 10
    Armor Movement 10
    Called Shot 10
    Devastating Power 10
    Blood Drunk 10
    Brute Force 10

    That's total of 70, but what else? I don't really know how activated skills work.

    What about Feint 10, Sunder Armour 10 and Adrenaline Rush 10?
    But isn't that too much activated skills? I mean, will one turn off when the other activates?

    Is it possible that DFA, Feint and Sunder Armour activate all at the same time making HUGE hit? Or at least two of it at the same time?

    I use 2H heavy armour Trug glad with next stats;

    Ups, I just saw that Sunder Armour is off the table since it's rage only. So Adrenaline Rush, Feint?
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    I have a Pole Arms hybrid War, size is not really big, so I haven't given training points to Death From Above, yet anyway.
    10 in Pole Arms
    Advancing in --
    Devastating Power
    Called Shot
    Battle Hardened
    Will most likely go to Blood Drunk & Brute Force when DP reaches 10

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    only one offensive skill will activate on each hit, even if all 3 are due to proc in the same round.
    that said, some offensive skills such as DFA and adrenaline rush activates only every 3rd round at the highest frequency, whilst feint can activate every round
    so you can take them all if you wish

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    Oh, didn't know about that.
    Thanks for clear-up.

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    Definitely take Adrenaline rush!

    Such an amazing ability, even if doesn't go off a lot. just prevents so much damage. Not sure if I'd take sunder armour and feint both. I'd most likely stick to sunder armour, adrenaline rush and DFA.

    And if I count correctly, that is 100 points, you didnt add the weapon skill!
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    Adrenaline Rush will eat at least 5 points from Light as a Feather which will result is a veeeery slow 2H War. Initiative is very important if your focus is not very defensive because you will effectively trade the toughness offered by the high tier War skills for hitting power - but you won't get to see that hitting power very often if you take 4-5 heavy hits before your fighter's turn even comes. If you don't have a slave with 90-100 Size, better skip that skill.

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    Why would u use called shot there? for hard hitter it doesn't really matter where it hits

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