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    Strange losing in the underground pit

    okay so this might be something i'm overlooking but in previous days when i lost in the underground matches i could see the point at which the last blow was landed and could reconsider my strategy to try and improve my win-loss ratio.

    But on several occasions yesterday i was losing and still had both health and endurance and was the last person to land a blow. I thought at first it could be bleed damage but with 108hp after the last blow suffered, and 10-15 bleeding, i couldn't work out what happened.

    i didn't notice this in arena fights so i'm sure it must be a bug.

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    There are a few posts about this on the forum somewhere but I can't find any right now. Probably you got bite by something that happens to many new players. The enforcer has a chance to stop the fight once either gladiator passes a certain threshold. Nobody knows the formula but a higher presence will get you saved more often because the enforcer and crowd don't want to see you die. Sometime it will seem like you are winning the fight and you'll get saved because it is possible your opponent could kill you in the next hit or two.

    Be sure to click blow-by-blow at the top of the fight to see everything that is going on instead of just the major hits.
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    God, having some high presence gladiators I can't tell you how annoying it is to lose a fight with 300 more hp than the enemy glad and minimal bleeding, when 1 more hit on my part would put them in the negative and yet the Enforcer pulls me out of the fight. Long story short: The Enforcer doesn't like high presence :P
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