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    Patron system

    What do you think about a system where a player could become the Patron for another stable or a couple of stables. By doing this the Patron could gift a certain amount of trophies and gold and maybe gear to stable. What is the word for someone whom you are their patron? Anyway, this might be kind of cool. Older more powerful stables could help out newer stables. This would need to be thought out pretty good to avoid whatever mischief could probably be done and would be done. Probably some kind of weekly or monthly caps and a total cap.
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    I wouldn't accuse any of the big stables of loopholing/cheating, but a massive addition like that might open up opportunities to abuse it at every corner, I think it's a risky move, if Nate thinks he could make a secure something like that, then I'd be all for it.

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    It would need something more to make it worthwhile. Maybe a requirement would be that the Pit Master acting as the patron has to spend x amount to build a pit of their own which then can be visited and tournaments like the blood games can be held there, again at a maintenance cost.

    Then the stables patroned by x are fighting on behalf of x and their home pit. I imagine this would be like sports teams having a stadium and that in the background the current pit fights are spread over a whole mess of venues across the great realms.

    In short, this could be something really big and cool, otherwise its just having moneybags friends to help boost you up, which is kind of boring.

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