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    New manager

    I've read some guides (beginners and theatrics), some of the forum threads, am running a couple glads, both theatric, one speed and one defensive. Some very basic 101 questions after playing for a few days:

    1. Any speed or damage bonus to not using a weapon in each hand, i.e. to use a one handed weapon with two hands?
    2. I saw slash works better vs certain armor types vs lunge having better penetration. Does either tactic generate more bleeding on average?
    3. Do some weapon types generate more bleed than others?
    4. Seems like a design flaw, but I keep getting achievements but there is nothing in the notification to click on to understand what the achievement is for, nor does the notification tell you.
    5. Do achievements grant anything or is it simply an acknowledgement? I saw something about peeps throwing fights to stay the top ranked glad of their class and wondered if there was more there than bragging rights.
    6. Is it just me or do you just have a couple people to challenge or avoid within your rank?

    There's probably more questions I can't think of at the moment, but easy to start with those.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hey Vlad, welcome to the game.

    I'll try to answer what I know...

    1) Not quite sure about this, but all the top glads wield a weapon in both hands or a 2H weapon.
    2) Slash should generate more bleeding against light armor, but lunge does just fine in generating bleed as well.
    3) Exotics generate more bleed - probably claws do the most because they attack so often. But Tridents and Sabres also do more bleed than standard blades.
    4) You can check the achievements in your "Achievements" tab where it lists all the achievements you've earned as well as the bonuses given by them. You have 6 slots that you can activate to use your achievements - the first 2 are paid by gold and the last four cost trophies. For the early game, no achivements are needed though.
    5) See above.
    6) It depends on how many people are in your bracket. Typically you will be able to challenge anyone 10 up or 10 down or so from your rank.

    Hope that helps
    Adoede | Tevrosin

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    Using only your main hand weapon will make you faster and you will also deal more consistent damage (the off-hand weapons hit with about 40-50% reduced power). The downside is that you will not get the buffs from the off-hand weapon and your fighter might decide to use fist attacks from time to time.

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    Followup question: Are you expected to burn the skill trains necessary to get to level 10 in a skill, for example a weapon? I'm up to 6 with a weapon and was losing a good number of skills trains to bad rolls, so I just moved on to the next level of skills which were at a 100% chance to learn. Is the burned skill learns just part of the game design?

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    The higher a skill's level the harder it is to train because it becomes more powerful with each step with the jump from 9 to 10 being greater than those before it. You don't have to go to 10 in every skill all though you'll see most of the top glads do do that. A 10 in your weapon skill is a must though and many don't train anything else until they are there which happens around level 17 if you put all your points into it. If you don't have the patience for that get it to at least 8 before moving on and keep putting points into it every day along with your other skills you are trying to raise.
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