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    Surprise Ahhnold!

    AHHNOLD hustles like wild fire to and fro.
    AHHNOLD attacks out-of-control with his ANCIENT GIANT CHOPPER OF THE BLOOD GODS.
    AHHNOLD roars uncontrollably as he attacks! (-Rampage-)
    ZIPPY WUNDERBAR masterfully redirects the energy of the attack! (-Surprise Ending-)
    Deep cut into AHHNOLD's arm opens the floodgates of blood! (+1322 Damage)
    AHHNOLD's arm might never fully heal!!! *** Serious Injury ***

    Be honest, the big guy is back at your barracks crying and drinking a protein shake isn't he?
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    Hahahaha, oh so cruel! Love it!

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    All the protein.

    Also, this is how he feels about Zippy now

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    get to da choppa eeeyyaaa

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