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    Knockdowns against wars

    Hey there stable masters.

    I want to ask about your opinion on knockdowns, cause for me, this gets more and more frustrating.

    I got one offensive war glad in Primus now, and getting knocked down is as good as a sure loss. There seems to be no way to get up from the ground in heavy armor. Ive tried several ways of dealing with this by altering my fight strategies, but so far, ive found nothing that works. High or low agility, tank or bash or parry-bash, the result is the same, a nearly ensured loss.

    Ive no problems with the frequency of knockdowns, i do them myself quite often. And i do not complain about rages and theatrics to be able to pick themselves up easier, thats just logical with lighter armor. But the relation seems way off.
    While nearly all rages and theatrics i encounter are down for maybe 1 or 2 rounds, my war stays on the ground for the rest of the fight, or if not, way longer that the other two professions. My record is 16 rounds on the ground, from round 4 till the end of the fight.

    This is even more frustrating because there seems to be no way of dealing with this issue. I already have the dunder race, doesnt seem to help. I protect the legs, no use. I used different 'i am on the ground' strategies, nothing. And any war talent helping with this? I dont think so, and no, Light as a feather is in its description way to vague to count here. But rages and theatrics got barreling attack and signature move: sweep to boost their chance to produce knockdowns. i the only one with this kind of problem? Do I forget some solution? Or is there any chance that something can be changed here? Its just the relation that seems wrong, nothing else, but this takes away a lot of the fun playing with a war glad.
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    try a strategy like

    Trigger: When I am on the ground
    Activity: 8
    Style: Bash/Slash/Lunge
    Bloodlust: 1

    Pop that in strategy line 3 or 4 (depending on your other strategies) and see how that goes.
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    First off, make sure your "I'm on the ground" trigger is triggering. If it isn't then increase its priority by placing it higher in your fight strategy. Secondly, check your encumbrance. Is your gladiator in the green? It may very well be that your expectations are too high for him or her if not. Only the biggest, strongest and fastest gladiators can fight with ease in full plate armour. Top gladiators have over 200 in some attributes closing in on 300 in some cases. If you think you've exhausted all options you may want to consider downsizing to light and or medium armour on some locations until your gladiator is able to carry the additional weight of a full suit of heavy armour without it being such a burden.

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    You can try what Apoca1ypse suggested and this will help you... a bit. I have a very similar trigger on one of my heavy Wars but it is far from efficient in many cases. Note that you won't be able to get off the ground against certain opponents no matter what you do. It only gets worse the higher you get in the brackets because many opponents start to stack tons of Agility and Presence. The reason is that the knockdown recovery appears to be based on initiative comparison. If your opponent has way higher initiative than you, you're toast. That's how the knockdown mechanics work. Theoretically higher Intellect and Strength, as well as getting Light as a Feather to 10 should help you get off the ground faster but my experience shows that all of these combined don't matter even half as much as good initiative.

    Also, try not to defend while on the ground. Your fighter will never get up due to the above reasons.
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    Thank you all for your comments on this topic.

    I'll take the input and try to find the sweet spot for my glad. If still theres no improvement, well, reducing armor to medium seems to be the way to go. Right now its 38% encumbrance, yellow. Think ill adjust it, thought it was still viable

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