Yeah hi i noticed that there where some forums with info on new races, i was thinking if i (and any other forum member) could make suggeestions? Because if so, then i have a few:

Gnolls, i believe you have already introduced them in-game, they could be the more agile/dexterious kind of race, instead of say elves. (Elves don't seem to be the gladiatorial type to me)

Ogres, also introduced by you, they should be kinda dumb and slow but bring hell when they attack! (These could be like the "orcs" of this game)

Lycans, they are strong and fast but not very bright, they should be constantly transformed into their Werewolf form.

A magic race, call it what you want but it should have a magic-oriented special ability of some sort, like bending the elements to it's will, or being really smart and fast or just anything thats weakly magical.

Halfbreeds, a mix between any non-human race and a human, has only half of their racial strengths inhereted from the non-human, but only half of the weakness as well.

Those are my suggestions and i would greatly appreciate if you took some time to think about them.

Also if anyone else has suggestions feel free to post them here.