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    Exclamation Black Market Pit Fights Change

    In order to keep those interested in changes that may effect their play style, I'm going to try and keep you notified better of some changes before they go live. To that end - In the near future there will be a change to Jimmy's Pit Fights. Gladiators who have unused Arena Fight Tokens will not be allowed to fight in his pits. This is easily solved by simply going to the Arena Gates and using all of their fight tokens before competing in the Black Market Pit Fights.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    Thanks for the rule change AND the heads up that its coming. This looks like it will stop sandbagging entirely without knocking anything else out of balance, well done.

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    Sounds like a neat change that will close a lot of pit shenanigans Nate

    Also cheers in advance for giving us more of a heads up on future updates.
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    Yup, perfect change, was waiting for the sandbagging to stop and this will most likely solve it
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