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    Minor update coming soon.

    Very shortly there will be a minor update to the Great Realm.

    Jimmy's Pit Fights will start matching gladiators based on their skill points rather than by their level helping to create more competitive matchups more often. This is something I wanted to do from the beginning but it required more under the hood work than I wanted to do at the time.

    Each tier of skills will have a new level requirement in order to unlock. This helps newer players who are unfamiliar with PoW's style of skill trees as it does differ from many other games where deeper always equals better and has been a large source of confusion for some time now. Gladiators who already have skill points in a skill that would otherwise be locked after the update due to not meeting the level requirement will still retain those skills and use them in combat but will have to wait to continue training them until they meet the new requirement.

    The amount of points a gladiator receives when fighting in the arena will be modified slightly to better reflect their performance on the sands. If a gladiator dominates their opponent they will be rewarded with more points than if they just barely won. We already do this to a small extent, the new algorithm fine tunes it.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    Interesting changes.

    I just hope I can keep Ahhnold on top for this season
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