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Thread: Shadow & Myst

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    I'm so impatient. I check every day in hope this is out of early access.
    Wooooooooooo, LETS GOOOOO!!
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    The metagame will shift, and people will adapt. People will try and make generalised strategies and hedge their bets, others will try and target particular builds/strategies and play the odds there.

    POW is constantly changing, and 5 lines has always been enough. For a long time, most people didnt even use more than the first 3 lines....
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    That's because before the skill tree changes nobody bothered to parry or manage endurance, shields were fairly useless and everybody's "strategy" was to get Last Stand and laugh at the opponent's attempts to deal with it. Strategies became really important after that.

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    Oh... that looks absolutely amazing!
    We need more teasers!!!
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    HOLY SWEETNESS!!! That weapon is reminiscent of the light sabre in the new Star Wars trailer. Not sure how one would exactly swing that without taking off a limb of his own.
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    I am seriously impressed with the artwork and concept - didn't think it could keep getting better, but this is even more jaw-dropping than the first shadow style image.

    This guy also seems to be wearing even less armor than the previous shadow, so it looks like it will be light armor...or maybe none at all...
    And with muscles like that, I wonder if this could be a str/agi type build? That would be different...

    I do have a secret Shadow stable I've been grooming for these bad boys...sure is fun to learn new styles all over again...
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    WOW is right! I'm truly amazed how you are able to continue to raise the bar each time. I'm very much looking forward to learning more about this beast!

    @Kaos, I think that is two separate weapons. Nice reference though, ha! It looks to me the weapon running perpendicular is behind the handle of the front sword and his right hand is holding it against it for the pose...Maybe we've got a regular kind of long sword and some kind of double sided short sword? Either way, awesome work Nate!
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    Impressive artwork indeed.

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    Lovely art. Does it mean it will be out soon?
    I am so hyped for the rest of Shadow and Myst. Too bad my stable only trains gladiators with medium or heavy armor... This one looks unarmored though,
    so unless the last class wears at least medium armor (ronin?) I might skip it (or make a second stable just for the martial arts, he he).
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