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Thread: Hey Guys

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    Hey Guys

    Hope everyone is doing well. I've been very busy and can't devote the time I would like to in playing. My schedule should slow down later this year and I plan on playing again then. In the meanwhile ill just take a break and won't have my guys lingering around with broken gear and injuries. See y'all soon, also I love the updates Nate.
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    Have a great summer, Crow.

    Far as I can see, that's Cynaidh, Crow, Oedi, and Rhinocervs taking it easy this summer. That's a good chunk of the BG ranks. Hope to see you all again for the next iteration of Seasons.
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    Prinny aswell in a week or so...Have a great summer~!

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    Take it easy guys! See you back here soon I hope
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