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    He is going to be a Cheating Bastard Trixter eventually

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    Just picked up a slave for 1248gp . Has anyone found one that is more expensive or do we know what the price "cap" is for premium slaves?

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    When i Buy a Gladiator i usually wait for the gold cost. 1040 /1080 none premium Gladiators are usually able to hit 80 to 90 in all stats (once upgraded) and a good size of 70+

    Don't think i have had a premium Gladiator before but i know if i did i would make sure it come around the cost of 1180 / 1200 at least. (that's my advice)

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    For regular glads anything is fine even 40 size... eventually you will get him to retirement.
    For premium slaves, get one with at least 1200 with all stats over 89, except you're going for some extreme build. You can get away with extreme builds, but thats more for experienced players.

    With overall good stats you can change your skills/builds without sucking imagine a war glad... so many builds with many different stats needed for each one.

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    I see war as a Tank only option me =) wish we got more skills once we hit level 50. like a extra 50 more skill slots. so we could change it up a bit have more personality to it =)

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