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    Yeah I'm going to have to get less picky real soon, just so I can get a few glads on the sands working towards my next prems. We'll see what today brings heh, I'll let you know when I get something, anything lol.

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    This one at 1179 and a total of 609 is the best I've seen in a long while, and I still hate the AGI:

    Str: 89
    Int: 82
    Agi: 80
    Size: 90
    Pres: 93
    Chi: 84

    Im not sure I wanna take him, the low agi/int just vexes me lol

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    The stam and size are nice on it for sure, but presence being high isn't that exciting since there is an abundance of pres on a lot of pieces of gear. If the Pres and Agi were switched this would be nice but I think it's not high tier. Regarding the low agi/int, just remember not every stat can be very high of course, you only need stats relevant to the type of glad you want to build. For ex. one of my latest glads I have climbing, Zhevron is 92-80-97-90-87-74-82 (602) which could be higher overall total but is still effective due to stat spread.

    You could for sure take this slave to Blood Gods and compete though.
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