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The most important change (in my opinion) is that the level 55 items and the general increase in health will reduce the importance of the quality of the gladiator stats since it will make less portion of the overall "bulk of stats". This will give better shot of the "small" gladiators to compete. As example Thunder Lips has 437 stats and Ahhnold has 591 stats. If they are to fight each other Ahhnold has roughly 35% more stats which put him as favorite even if he doesn't use very precise strategy. Thunder Lips has chances only if she happens to manage to hardcounter Ahhnold. With level 50 items Ahhold would have around 1000 stats and Thunder Lips would have around 846. Now Ahhnold is still ahead by default but his advantage in stats is around 18% which greatly improves Thunder Lips chance of winning a fight against Ahhnold. With level 55 items Ahhnold would have around 1200 stats and Thunder Lips around 1046 stats. In this case Ahhnold advantage in stats is further decreasing to 14% and Ahhnold has to be a little bit more precise or Thunder Lips will caught him off guard .
You've explained that far better than I ever could. I think you are bang on the money. While gear is having a power creep, it reduces the need to have the perfect base gladiator. Lips has been kicking a lot of ass lately, and I think its a combination of stat disparity being reduced, and some great management by Dain