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    So I got new fighting style called Killshot, supposedly a charged attack or something with full power

    but when the gladiator used that style, he didn't do anything at all, his endurance level not decreasing as well the enemy's health

    basically your gladiator just freeze on the spot, because of that I suffered 3 defeats, including 2 times experimenting with it, damn...

    so it is a bug right?

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    It's not. The description of Kill Shot explains this behaviour - the initiative of your gladiator goes down, making him/her act later in the fight, so he/she can land a blow with significantly increased power. Your fighter might as well get beaten before he acts in some scenarios. Using Kill Shot is risky with some Rage builds and is not recommended against certain light gladiators with fast weapons - at least not as a default strategy - but in the general the style does have its uses if you play your cards well.

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    hmm, is that so... I tried it as a last resort it didn't work, I put it as default also didn't work, 8 rounds my gladiator did nothing

    i guess it just won't work for Rage


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    Well, only Rages have it, lol !

    IMHO, it's useful only at the end of long fights against tanks, when your endurance is getting precious...
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    Not all fighting styles are optimal at all times. Some fighting styles are better suited for different situations. Experiment and you'll likely find good ways to use all the styles available to your gladiators.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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