Hello all, I recently made a Snivler Bleeder Theatrics gladiator out of one of the slaves that popped up in the market that impressed me, I'm a relatively new player (relatively meaning I have played the game for a long time but never really accomplished anything remotely impressive ).

Here's his stats: 79, 61, 79, 56, 67, 65, 58

I've currently got him running 10/10 (I realize I'll run out of stamina later in the game using such an offensive strategy with so low stam, but as of now, really early game, it is working quite well) using dual wield daggers with the slash technique.

Any tips/advice you could give me to help me develop this glad into a real bad-ass would be greatly appreciated.

His name is Snivlez (I know, creative, right?) of the Stable Frostee Fyre (currently rank 109 in Gladiator bracket), once again I'm relatively new, so don't judge me too harshly on my pitiful attempt to make a good gladiator xD

But make sure to throw as much constructive criticism at me as you possibly can, I'll try to use all the tips and advice you give me.

Thanks again,