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    Greetings Pit Masters!

    I want to give everyone a little sneak peek into what I'm working on right now for the near future:

    Hardcore weekly tournaments. This isn't completely designed yet, however, the general idea for what I have now looks really fun on paper! The tournament will be open to all players and will be a "full build" tournament where Pit Masters have access to level 50 slaves at the Slave Market and the ability to allocate 100 skill points. There will be one pool of items available to choose from when equipping gladiators. These slaves are ONLY for use in the weekly tournaments and are not restricted by the size of your barracks. Upon getting knocked out of the tournament the slaves are either sacrificed to the Blood Gods or sent to join the military in service to the Great Realm (i.e. removed from the game).

    Here is how the tournament will play out:

    Day 1 - Pit Masters will choose their tournament slaves, assign skill points and equip them. At the end of the day all gladiators will be organized into groups. These groups may be organized randomly, by race, by specialty, by weapon type (i.e. blades, pole arms, etc.).

    Day 2 - Each group will fight in a round robin style tournament where each gladiator will fight every other gladiator in their group two or three times. The top X gladiators from each group will qualify to continue to day 3. The final rankings from this day will seed each gladiator for the following day's tournament.

    Day 3 - The start of a bracketed double elimination tournament within each group.

    Day 4 - The bracketed group double elimination tournament continues. The champion of each group will be rewarded a prize.

    Day 5 - 16 gladiators will continue to this stage (the top 2 from each group + X wildcards). A bracketed unseeded double elimination tournament will begin to find the overall tournament champion.

    Day 6 - The final bracketed double elimination tournament continues.

    Day 7 - The final bracketed double elimination tournament continues and the champion is crowned. I haven't decided what the prizes will be yet, but some possible prize ideas are the tournament champion would have the option of joining the Pit Master's stable (if room permits or the Pit Master sells a gladiator to make space) and the champion would then get promoted directly into the Blood God's bracket. Other possible prizes are of course gold, trophies, items, etc. The Pit Master will have the ability to choose what prize they want.

    Eventually these sorts of bracketed tournaments will be available to "regular" gladiators as well.


    For Blood Gods, I'm going to experiment with the Chamber of Power and rating requirements for legendary items. Instead of a certain rating being required to purchase a legendary item, a gladiator's rating will instead affect the price of the item. Gladiators who meet the rating requirement will be offered the item at the standard price and those who have not met the rating requirement will be charged a premium. The premium will be based on how far from the rating requirement they are. In addition there will be a trophies only option to purchase chamber of power gear. These two experiments will effectively open up all gear and make it available to all Blood God gladiators and based on each Pit Master's play style gear can then be had for just trophies, trophies and BGP (i.e. a hybrid between supporting the game and a time investment), or for free with just BGP (i.e. only a time investment). If this works out well we'll keep it, if it doesn't we won't.

    New abilities and powers will be introduced into the Great Realm further expanding the strategic options and builds possible for a gladiator.

    There is no release date for the above features, however, I'm working very hard to bring them to life as soon as possible. I hope you will all enjoy the new features.

    Good luck in the Pit!


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    All very cool Nate

    Tournament setup isnt what I expected, but I like it more than anything I had envisioned
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    This sounds quite intriguing, can't wait to see it in the game, keep up the great work Nate, PoW has to be one of my favourite online games thanks to your efforts!


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    Ohhhh.... I like it. What a great chance to try some off the wall type builds! I think I may be looking forward to the WEEKLY TOURNAMENT more than any other update I've seen so far. Keep up the GREAT work Nate!
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    Very interesting. Looking forward to this

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    Sounds great, Nate.
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    Good news!

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