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    Crippling Might, Sunder Armor, or None?

    Hi Rage-experts

    I am trying to decide whether to switch my Power-rage from Sunder Armor to Crippling Might or not. Anyone know if Crippling might is more effective? Does it trigger once every round or every two rounds?

    Some even suggest that a rage should take neither Sunder Armor nor Crippling Might to maximize their chances of having Adrenaline Rush go off. So rage experts, what have you found to be most effective?
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    With all the defensive war glads running around now I'm not sure I would want to give up on sunder armor. If you are going to build around AR then the fewer activated skills you have the better as it will increase your chances of AR going off.
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    I been thinking the same thing I been doing really good with seeing how my new Urk without it is hitting compared to my Eldars who have it. In fact since my Urk is kinda tall and heavy I been thinking of spec into War for Death From Above. Or only worrying about Rampage and Adrenalin Rush. Yet I'm still wary of Annihilate not working right too.

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    Generally I see 2H rages drop sunder armor so that they don't crowd out more important activated attacks (i.e. adren rush/rampage). Sunder armor makes more sense for dual wielders since they have more attacks and therefore a better chance they will hit the same armor piece again. Please note that the armor debuff only applies to a particular armor piece and is not global

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