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    Theatrics question

    So, i'm building a speed theatrics dual wield swords and i wanted to ask, is it better to train strength of the crowd [as i saw on most threads and builds for speed theatrics] or train knock out? i'm asking cause my thought is that sthrength of the crowd will be useless cause i wont play def so i think it's pointless cause it won't trigger at all, like surprise ending on offensive glads (never triggers). If anyone knows if it triggers on offensive glads, have the skill on a speed theatrics or have any tips plz let me know.. Thanks a lot..

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    Go knockout for speed. You are correct, if you don't plan on playing defence, there's no point taking defensive skills.

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    Agreed on knockout, but just because you prioritize offense doesn't mean defensive skills are useless. Even going full attack, my speed theatrics still uses surprise ending quite well and at the most opportune moments.

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    why does every thing keep giving me bad weapons in the black market like i know its random but comon every time and my oponent always gets good weapons

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    How are you defining bad weapons?
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