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Thread: Say hello

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    Say hello

    Found a nice glad in the market today and the Lil Ludis stable is back to 5.
    89-75-91-84-80-75-68. Named Reflection. Bought for 1130 gold. Gonna be a exotic and shield theatrics spite.
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    Eruption - Multiple time runner up and 3rd places of the Blood Games. Undisputed Primus Winner and long time occupant of the throne of the arena.

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    Looks like a nicely balanced glad
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    Looks nice, although I'm a bit tired of theatric spites, if only because my attempt at the same didn't work out so well.

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    My most expensive gladiator Merc 2 is 1131 gold (after intense refreshing). Some day I had 1137 g gladiator randomly appearing in the market. I just let him go away. Don't feel like starting again. May consider if 1160-1170+ somehow randomly appear (wont ever trophy refresh again).
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