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    Quote Originally Posted by CryBabyBedWetters View Post
    does this have to do with the blood games, or just blood gods, i still don't have a glad in blood gods, and i still don't understand the difference from primus to blood gods, nor do i understand how to get bgp's to get those badass orange items
    This is for Blood Gods.

    Blood Gods is the bracket above Primus, to get in you have to be one of the top glads in Primus and have above a certain ranking points value (I believe its 360-370k somewhere in there) on a Monday night during the week (I believe that's the night glads are promoted to Blood Gods, its the same night we get BGP points in Blood Gods also).

    As for Legendary Orange Items, once your in Blood Gods every Monday night you get BGP points, the higher your rank/rating the more you get, so 1st place gets a lot more then last place. Also a new area opens up in the Blacksmith called "Chamber of Power" it has both improved Epic Purple items (better then you can get from the regular blacksmith area) and Legendary Orange Items. The improved Epic Purples can be bought as soon as you have enough BGP points saved up, the Legendary Orange Items have a minimum rating required of 1000 for armor (top 45 glads as of right now), and weapons take a minimum of 2000 rating (top 32 glads as of right now). Also you can get these Legendary Orange Items (armor only) and Improved Epic Purple items by running the gauntlet or conquests on Nightmare difficulty.
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    The cut-off for promotion to blood gods is actually 340,000 ranking points as of 2:00 am (PST) tuesday morning.

    If you plan your challenges strategically, you can get into blood gods pretty quickly. But once you get to blood gods, you'd better have all your skills maxed and most of your stats boosted and have pretty good gear...otherwise you'll get destroyed and it would be better to stay in Primus developing your glad for a while longer. (Seraph Zodak had an 85% overall win ratio up til he got to blood he's somewhere in the 40% range - because he's still not fully developed and got promoted too soon.)
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    I thought you'd like the suggestion - if the speed glads are that dominant, that set-up will show it clearly and Nate will be more inclined to make a change.
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    I think Nate is quite convinced that the current system works well (it's not like the end game is dominated by Agility-spammers since yesterday) so the only thing that grouping gladiators in accordance with their class could achieve will be to kick most of the non-speed gladiators - and all which can't fight against such properly - out of Blood Gods in a few months. Nobody likes to manage losers for long.
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    Player organized teams is something many of us wanted for some time, so it's a cool news !

    I don't feel too like been captain, but I want to be with my friend Cyn to kick some ass ! Come on, Cyn, lead us !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alba Kebab View Post
    First obvious question: is this going to be anyone we wanna team with regardless of power or on condition that the teams still need to be somewhat balanced?
    Choose teams according to what you want, I'll handle the rest.

    I will volunteer on being a captain, im picking the Kyuuketsuki and Prinny Squad stables so that's 10 glads already. Who wants to be my third wheel?
    Thanks Prinny! All hail our first and only captain so far!

    Player organized teams is something many of us wanted for some time
    Apparently not judging by the anemic level of participation. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed in the turnout thus far given the amount of disgruntled noise some have made in the past about Blood God teams. For those of you who are/were dissatisfied with the previous season's Blood Gods' team play I'll need you to let me know what it is you were hoping for if this is not it. Thanks!

    Good luck in the Pit!


    P.S. Aside from being the starting point for team formation I don't see being a captain much more work than talking to other players over the next week and trying to put a team together that will increase your enjoyment of the game. This isn't a traditional MMO clan with officers, politics and raids to organize. If we don't end up with enough captains then I'll simply assign the remaining gladiators to teams like before.

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    Well if it's just calling for people to team up, hell, I'll give it a go. I feel like aiming to make a superteam would be the most detrimental thing, so who's keen to just have some fun?

    Just need Caine and Cyn to resurrect team rage? :P hehehehe (probably a bad idea though)

    EDIT: Oedi, your inbox is full
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prinny View Post
    I will volunteer on being a captain, im picking the Kyuuketsuki and Prinny Squad stables so that's 10 glads already. Who wants to be my third wheel?
    If you accept casual stables (won't be very active in next seasons) I will join.

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    I'd volunteer to captain a team, but I'm just finishing my first full season in blood gods and all my glads are still very much works in progress - many in the middle of re-training skills at the moment. I don't know that anyone would want to team with me knowing that. But if you need another manager to make the thing work, I'll give it a go.
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