Remember Fonzi? What was Fonzi like? Fonzi was cool, so let's all be cool like Fonzi and live by these simple rules, have a good time and create a nice community to be a part of:

  • Excessive harassment or verbal abuse of a single member will be be grounds for a warning. Inciting others to harass or verbally abuse a member will also generate the same warning. It is also not acceptable to make personal attacks on the employees of Outcast Games. Breaking this rule will result in a warning and repeated abuse will result in getting banned. Depending on the severity of the attack the warning may be skipped all together.

  • Racial slurs and use of racial slurs or any other types of comments about religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, etc. will result in a banning. None of these types of comments and slurs will be tolerated in any format.

  • Insinuations meant to do harm to a person and or personal attacks shall be grounds for immediate banning. In-character playful dialogue is acceptable and encouraged but don't cross the line or a different kind of war hammer will be used on your username! If you aren't sure if what you are about to post is acceptable chances are it's not, so do yourself a favor and don't post it.

  • One username allowed. Fake usernames will be immediately banned. If it is determined that a user has circumvented the banned user terms laid out below and re-registered with a second username to access the board, the user will have the original banned username deleted!

  • Constructive Criticism of the game is acceptable and welcomed with the operative word being constructive. There is a suggestions forum for feedback for this very purpose and it is read by the developers and is a means to communicate your constrictive ideas. You don't like bitching in your everyday life and neither do we. Well thought out feedback is very much appreciated, so take some time when writing it. Good constructive feedback begins with a perceived problem or issue and is followed by some well thought out potential solutions. Structure your feedback in this manner and you just might find your suggestions incorporated into the next game update! Unfortunately, there are no promises your suggestions will be incorporated into the game, but there is a promise that all feedback will be read.

Username Banning Schedule

  • 1st violation - 1 month banning

  • 2nd violation - 3 month banning

  • 3rd violation - BANNED FOR LIFE

If you are banned for LIFE, the answer will always be NO you can not come back. If you can't play nice after three opportunities then you can't play nice at all and you are not welcome in this community.

We all like to have our fun and enjoy the trash talking between managers and the above rules aren't meant to clamp down on fun, they are meant to protect everyone and make sure we can all continue to have fun. If you see anyone in violation of the above rules please contact a MOD immediately, you will not be called out in any way. The MODs can not see everything and we appreciate everyone's help in keeping the peace. Please send a PM to me (Nate) with any violations, and questionable posts.

Now that all that unpleasant stuff is taken care of, go forth and stain the sands red with the blood of your enemies and continue helping to make this already great community even better! And as always...

Good luck in the Pit!