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    Hi, Wouldn't it be nice if the game allows to create an Avatar of a slave? Players play this game to dominate; to go to higher ranks; and they would certainly want to show off their achievements to others.
    - Upon purchasing a slave a player may change his face, hair-style, skin color etc. per their liking. This might even further change intangibly and silently the slave's attributes a bit! For example, a grim-looking slave may introduce some fear in an opponent while a charismatic one may be crowd's favorite and fetch more gold. A generous-looking one may get better favour by the Enforcer.
    - Depending upon the weapons and armour equipped the Avatar may accordingly change.
    - A slave may also win medals and titles during his career and these may also improve the looks of the slave.
    - Maybe these looks will affect a stable-manager's decision when purchasing slaves being sold in slave market by another stable manager.

    Just an idea!

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    I'd rather see a wall of trophies or challenge badges. I don't need to be subjected to a fashion show every time I go up against a gladiator. He's just going to get all bloody, anyway.

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    Yeah a wall of badges will also do; but probably they will look better adorning the body of a gladiator. We may also be able to include some quotes or the slaves remarks under the profile picture.
    Anyway, this is just a trivial thing

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