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    Gold gain is limited by gladiator level, level 50 challenges won against opponents with a lot of gold will yield 5000 gold, unless memberships are present :P

    Of course, that's only what I've noticed. I may very well be wrong O_o
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    From what I've observed there is a cap to the gold won from challenges (~6.7k is max for primus for example). I think the cap changes according to bracket.

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    that was boring
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    Quote Originally Posted by oedi View Post
    sorry about that folks, that mustve been dissapointing. I got atm 1.942.966 gold available and a won challenge only gave 3600 gold

    nate is this a bug?

    No, it is not a bug, there is a cap on how much can be taken in one fight. This was done to offer some protection to players as even if it is your fault for not banking your gold I'm positive I'd get angry emails and rage quiters. I can look into raising this cap if you all would like me to do that.

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    You could probably stand to relax it a little bit, but I don't think a level 5 glad losing should empty out your account the same as one of your level 50 since at the early levels there is more chance involved in the battle. Maybe you could have have it work on a kind of exponential curve where the lower levels don't take too much but at level 50 you could stand to lose say 10% of whatever you don't have banked.
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