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    Hi there. I hail from Europe's backyard, that cool place which outsiders usually associate with cheap alcohol, corruption, ethnic cleansing, beautiful women and emigrants - the Balkans. Bulgaria, to be precise. Registered nearly 4 years ago and got addicted almost immediately. I don't play MMOs in general, tried only 3 or 4 in total, so PoW is the only one which managed to hook me.

    I work in the networking field - routing, switching, firewalls for enterprise customers and ISPs. I like my job but I'm not an IT person - I care little about technologies outside of my professional sphere, prefer to read history, novels, studies in the field of the humanities and such. Sitting on my ass in the office 5 days a week is hardly the healthiest thing for me so I regularly go to the gym after the end of the working day. I like to spend vacations in the mountain, away from the noise and pollution of the city. Generally prefer small companies of quality people to big loud "party" groups where you hardly know anyone.

    Several years ago was actively playing a lot of games from multiple genres - RPG, RTS, TBS, you name it - but at one point time became scarce and nowadays I rarely got more than 1-2 hours per week for these things. One of PoW's main advantages in this regard is that you can play it in the office. I'm a big fan of the original Might & Magic universe as some might have deduced and have a soft spot for sci-fi + fantasy hybrids when they're done with style.

    Initially I had a stroke of genius and named my first stable Kreegan. The second one - Hive - appeared when Nate boosted the speed of the game several times (in the early PoW it took more than an year to fully develop a gladiator). Later it turned out that the better gladiators are in my second stable and managing the both consumed too much time so I dropped the Kreegan crew. I typically prefer to design interesting fighters and the readily available "top builds" usually don't fall into that category. Never been good at managing Rages so most of my fighters throughout the years have been War and Theatrics. Now one Shadow is climbing the ranks too.

    See you in the grinder.

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    It seems I missed this thread too. So let me compensate.

    I'm from Serbia, but I now live in Hungary. I study biology and I'm about to get a master's degree. My favorite subjects are biochemistry and biotechnology.
    I hope I can find a job in my country though the government officialy hates and fears biotechnology

    I like science fiction and fantasy, specialy the ones that make me think about a systems or philosophy. But I am an idealist and philosophy is a double edged sword for me as I can get realy depressed realy fast fom discussing it.
    I also like physical activites. I used to do Judo until middle school, and I regularly go on orienteering competitions. When I have nothing to do I go to the gym.

    I like animals and I want to get a pet as soon as I get finantialy independent from my parents. I would realy like a raven. Ravens are so smart and cool. If not I might try to domesticate a crow... Or just get a cat. Cats are cool too.

    I started playing this game way back, then I quit, came back and quit again. Now I'm back for the second time and since I matured (and lost the time to play more time consuming games) I will stay.
    I have returned once more and it seems I'm here to stay.

    Ogornomus - master of Iron Aegis

    Active Gladiators: Shiroyama, Iron Daimyo, Rom Ironhide, Ludex Grunreer, Decapitare
    Retired: Sigwald, Haraxur Dervish, Davlan, Black Degron, Facles Secutor, Quickshank, Sindrel Myr, FacelessSecutor, Iron Enforcer, Blackiron Guard, Lionel Oldblood, Elaar Venguard, AceOfBlades, Crueligan, Cyrus Lupercal

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    Hi, I'm Julianna and I'm 22 from Canada. My friend Bigg BuZZ showed me this game, and I like it. I have had some trouble with being too wild in my past, and so right now I am slowing down and these games help. I like to bike, and go walking on trails with my parents. I live in my own apartment and like to draw pictures with coloured pencils. and play the piano. I am also half dutch and i like hockey (puck bunny ^,^).
    Oh , and my people are JvM stable, and my favorite is JaZZY J because she bleeds people to death \^,^/

    Stable: JvM \^,^/
    .loord uoy ,elur I

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    Hey All.

    I'm Anthony from England. I'm a self employed odd job man who generally plays standard mmo's but me and my stable Chaos Vipers is having a great time in this game and I think it's more fun than anything I've played in years. It seems really well written and easy to get into and hooked!

    I'm loving the range of gladiator styles even when my girls are being bored to sleep by a tank or spend the entire fight on the floor!

    See you all in the pits!

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    Welcome to the Great Realm Just J & AJRobley! May the Blood Gods always favor you on the sands!

    Good luck in the Pit!


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