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    Rowdy Visitor

    A large unfamiliar man steps up onto a table, his long white hair swaying as he shouts over the taverns chatter, "I am Aldan, and I'll butcher each and every one of you if you stand in my way" With his other hand he grabs a flagon of ale and quenches his thirst, even thought the ale wasnt his in the first place..

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    -Walks in the Tavern with 2 Gladiators- ~Werdon~Brink~ Hello all -sits at a table near the stairs

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    A man sitting at the bar looks over his shoulder at the rowdy visitor. their eyes met and become locked in a stare down... the man at the bar stands and spits in the direction of the rowdy visitor. Wearing a large hooded robe, the spitting figure is concealed within, creating a massive shadow on the floor before him. the rowdy visitor draws his blade.

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    A stranger at the bar stands up and yells "I THINK YOUR JUST TALK!" and unsheathes his twin blades. He is tall, lanky, and wears all hardened leather armor. His hair is shaggy and sandy blonde. HIs eyes are green, intelligent and burn with hatred at this overconfident man. "To all who wish to see this man and I fight come out to the street, if he does not accept, kill him brutally. Make the coward unrecognizable. I am Ahnobarus, and this man needs to learn not to drink and fight at the same time.

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    a voice clearly feminine calls out from the corner "if you are going to fight keep it on that side of the bar or ill Gut every last one of ya" the voice was hard as steel and cold as ice. as she stared at the other patrons of the bar she sundenly went back to her to her seat and started to chuck her ale ignoring everyone.

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    The brave yet organized newcomer of the tournaments, dubbed 'Crystoph', tiredly rubbed his head with his large, tough hands before wondering what ever in the world is going on. He was appreciative and careful with those around him as usual, before he could think to himself quietly - planning about what could happen within the Amateur tournaments. His blood-stained, strawberry-blonde locks covered his light turquoise eyes, and which his head was dipped down to face the flat wooden tavern table he sat nearby.

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