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Thread: The Great Realm

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    The Great Realm

    The Beginning…….

    In a far corner of the world laid a distant land. This land is known as the Great Realm. For the rest of the world quaked at the shear thought of this land, many great leaders have tried to sail to this land in hopes of defeating its warriors and claiming it as theirs, but all would meet a gruesome end. For this is a savage land, survival of the fittest to its highest degree. The weak are quickly weeded to the point that even the weak are mighty.
    Now are story begins in this land with its Supreme Overlord Nate the butcher. His desire for blood was so great that even the battlefield could no longer sate his thirst for it. After careful thought, Nate called his underlings forward and commanded that they create an arena, with the sole purpose of bloodshed; and that it shall be done to honor the gods of this great lands. His two main underlings were each assigned a task, First the cunning Eric was to create the great arena using slaves that lived throughout the lands.
    The other task was assigned to the mysterious and dangerous Jimmy the Squid. His assignment was to go convince a few of the more privileged persons of the land to train some special slaves that were given to them. These slaves were not ordinary, some were not even from these lands, A few even had special abilities that were not from this world. But once these slaves were trained and the arena built. They held secret and devastating battles inside the new arena. The only witnesses were Nate, and the managers. This went on for a short time till the great Overlord found the 3 types of warriors that filled his thirst for blood the most. The others types were sent on their way.
    Now that the Overlord had everything completed, he decided it was time to open this arena to anyone who wanted to enter their slaves into the arena. But the Overlord needed someone to oversee all his battles, and he went to the great general of his armies. A massive warrior that struck fear in all of the great realm including the overlord. This general was assigned to be the enforcer of the arena. He smiled at the thought of this. The enforcer asked one favor from the overlord, it was that some of his great warriors from his armies and some of his prisoners be taken under his watchful eye and be trained in the deadly arts. And for special occasions let others try to defeat his great warriors. His warriors have become legendary throughout the land. With the names of Byrd of Prey, Trunnkks, Nightmare, and the most feared of all Apocalypse only the bravest slaves step foot in the arena against these giants.
    The arena opened and the crowds quickly filled the arena. And to their horror and excitement they watched as the sands of the arena were quickly drenched red in the blood of warriors. Many in these crowds wanted to see their own gladiators compete. Many of these new managers quickly sought advice from the original managers. Some of these managers still trained warriors and others decided the call of blood was not for them.
    Now legendary stables were in their infancy, with these managers trying to learn the finer points of training gladiators. Early on there was chaos in the arena with no clear champion. Young stables such as Pirate’s Booty, Zombie, Briteron_by, Theatrics….the list goes on. Most of these new hungry managers did not care about flesh, the just enjoyed the destruction of it. Some managers even mocked it by naming their gladiators names such as Meatbags, along with the stable name. After some time the more studious managers started to produce more promising gladiators..........

    Next Chapter......The Rise of Team Kaos and the Reign of Solstice......
    Manager of Stables : Lil Ludis and Alpha Team

    Hall of Legends Gladiators : My True Legends
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    Echo - Undisputed Primus Winner
    Foxtrot - Blood Games Champion and Undisputed Primus Winner
    Sliver - 2hand Rage Killing Machine
    Eruption - Multiple time runner up and 3rd places of the Blood Games. Undisputed Primus Winner and long time occupant of the throne of the arena.

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