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    Importance of Aiming in Fighting Strategy?

    Is aiming for certain spot really important or is it there just for the shows? Should certain types of glads or races aim for specific areas? Can anybody shine a bit of light on this for me?!
    I tried to play a bit with different parts of body but, from what i see, places i hit are always random. For example, when i tried to aim for head most of my hits landed on arms. Then i thought, maybe my glad likes to hit arms and changed
    aiming that way, but then most of my hits landed on legs and torso. Is there any logic behind Aiming?

    Tnx in advance.

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    I've found these settings can be very valuable if you take the time to research your opponents. I don't know the exact mechanic but I think if you hit where the enemy is defending they get a bonus to defending it and that lowers your damage. If you want to hit where you are aiming a lot more often then train in called shot. For young gladiators not in the blood games and not fighting for top spots in the top 10 it might be more work than you want to do researching an opponent and then challenging them, but if you take the time and do it, it might pay off for you.

    Your next question might be how do I research the opponent for this? Check out the arena results or blood games results and look for fight statements that indicate where they are aiming. It won't say it all the time, but from time to time you'll see something like "X is trying really hard to hit Y's leg".

    I'm sure some of the other vets can chime in as well.
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    Ty very much...that helps me a lot.

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    I repeat: "Ty very much...that helps me a lot."

    I love this, a artistic and complex game

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    Aiming is not just for show. Landing hits on arms and legs while you were aiming for the head means you are missing, by a wide margin.
    You either need called shot trained, or a lot of accuracy to hit the different body parts. And in case it's not clear for the newer players, the head is harder to hit than the torso, back legs are harder to hit than front legs, and so on...

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    I have been experimenting too. I guessed the fact that Alba Kebab shows. The point is that t doesnt seem to be much difference in damage or effects while hitting the different parts with some exceptions.
    Thats why I still think called shot doesnt seem to be that good if you dont have another skill to combine it with.

    What do you think for example of called shot in a pure theatrics build to combine it with knockout? Its really worth it?

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    Called Shot combos well with Devastating Power (Rage) or Knockout (Theatrics). I believe oedi was testing some knockout glads a while ago, you may want to ask him for advice.

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    I agree it doesn't make much of a difference at the lower lvls, you won't be able to see much noticeable effects of aiming until you are at high lvls.
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    I wrote very long post about Called Shot but then I decided it is not good for the game and didn't post it. But it is very good skill.
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