I'm all new to this game...i have read lots of posts and figured out most of things things i wanted to know. But there's one thing i was unable to figure out and it's related to Training points distribution. I have four ranks in Two-Handed Weapons and now Chance to train has dropped to 84%. I thought 'What the hell !' and started to put more points in that skill. Ofc i wasted 5 TP this way...training didn't work.

Can someone pls explain to me the logic behind it all, because i don't wanna waste anymore of my TP and i read that it's good policy to go all the way with weapon skills first. Is there an attribute that gives higher chance of successful training...will 'Chance to train' rise all by itself after a while...or something else ? My stats are: 61/64/58/58/61/60.

Thanks in advance and sorry if i posted in wrong section or repeated someone else's question.