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    why does my war keep winning?

    my war gladiator saraa keeps winning even though her stats suck 77-65-63-60-60-64-68. thats with her equiment effects.her stats suck yet she is constanly winning against better gladiator
    please tell me if you can

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    Hardly something worth complaining about, unless you are not really complaining...

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    A lot more goes into winning than your stats. Your strategies are very important as are your skills selections, looks like you might be doing well in those departments. How many fights does your glad have? Wins early on are pretty easy since the level of competition is far lower than in the upper brackets where players really know what they are doing.
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    i am in the elite bracket ranked 234
    and am not complaining i just want to know

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    i have her running dual swords a slicer in her main hand and a epee in her off hand

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    49-18 is not all that impressive, with a mediocre slave you can achieve something like 100-20 in the lower brackets. All of the lower level gladiators are incompetent, many of them are the first slaves of their respective owners, i.e. with unimpressive stats and the combat strategies are not yet crystallised. Winning is not difficult. The challenge is to maintain the good performance in the higher brackets and once you get to Primus, you'll get used to losing much more often than before.

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