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    Talking Arena Challenges - Revamp

    Hey I think its awesome that the Arena Challenges have different tiers and different gladiators with cool names, different playstyles, atributes, skills and etc. but what I REALLY would like to see is a story added to each arena challenge. I mean we know who the arena challenges are, but why are they considered special gladiators? How did they enter the pit? I think a short lore if anything would make the game a whole lot more enjoyable for old players and new players alike, because now arena challenges wouldn't just be something you do for a title or equips but kind of piecing together stories. I hope you look into this and maybe add it to the game later, thanks for hearing me out


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    Sounds pretty sweet and adds even more depth to the Realm we fight in. As for why they are there, well, that was Jimmy the slimy lil bugger.
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