View Full Version : Two sides of the same coin

02-25-2012, 10:46 AM
Images flooded his mind and danced tauntingly in front of him with such intensity one would think the days events were still taking place. The blood....the nightmarish gore.... screams of pain horrific enough to make the hardest of men go insane. None of that compared to the thirst of the audience however, evident in their shouts and cheers. What is this world we live in where the living pay to invite the reaper into their lives. Has the sacredness of creation become that meaningless now?.

Slowly opening his eyes, he gazes for what seemed like an eternity at the roof above him. Leaning forward to rest his head in his hands, a crushing feeling of hopelessness erupts within. What has become of me?.

I came from a prestigous family you see, a family where honour and reputation meant everything. We involved ourselves in peoples lives on a daily basis. We were well known at one point....I was well known at one point.

I remember getting in to an argument with my parents one evening after dinner. I felt that what we were doing was immoral. So I left, but not before my father promised to shear the skin from my flesh should I ever step foot in his city again.

I vowed from that day on I would never be like them. No matter what it took, I would never be as cold and cruel as them. So where am I now?. Where did I go wrong?.

I had hoped to help people, right the wrongs that my family had done to the lives of others. Instead I find my self becoming worst then my family. I had left the city without a hope or a prayer and only a gold coin in my pocket. How did I get myself into this nightmare?.

I figured I had nothing else to lose, so why not play the game of chance right?. Apperantly I played it right. I remember spectating at a gladiatoral event. I don't quite remember the details, only that I bet on the strongest one on the list.

There were three bouts between the one I bet on and a smaller gladiator. The one I bet on had supposedly been there for a while and was close to winning his freedom, where as the smaller gladiator only had a few wins under his belt. They either both had the personalities of natural born killers or they developed it shortly after arriving. Either way, I was glad I was not the one down there.

Two bouts in and my gladiator looked close to death. An arm was missing and gouges seemed to cover him from head to toe. Yet some how he managed to keep fighting. The same could not be said for his opponent though. He sported a few lacerations here and there but he looked like his heart wasn't in it any more.

When the final round started, a hush seemed to befall the crowd. I looked around to see why there was such silence, it was only then that I took in the details of the arena.............to be continued